Path of Hephaestus’s Apprentice – Intro 2

No. 2 Ok Fam, last time we established that all art is universal due to its subject being the Being itself. Now, we added that the measure of art is beingness. Yet, to average reader, this may be as comprehensible as your last date with that cheesecake-hair-dyed-hipster girl and her explanation on why communism works. [...]

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Path of Hephaestus’s Apprentice – Intro

No. 1 I already wrote about jazz and its meaning Fam. Again, the sense of communion in jazz should pervade all art. More importantly, it should pervade all creation. Yet, creation is a tricky word. We have that word in Serbian and it is Стварање(stvaranje). The word hits straight in the kokoro harder than hella [...]

Jazz – Music of Being incarnated addendum

Fam, before we dabble any further into this, I feel obliged to explain some things to you. You see, some things are obvious, like Hitler. You know he enjoys to be fingered. However, some things aren’t so obvious. Now, I know I’m your purple apostol and that I give you many blessing. Still it won’t [...]

Jazz – Music of Being incarnated

No. 1 As I previously discussed, I separate my favorite music in two main categories. First are motivational mantras and second is Music of Being. Now Music of Being, as its name refers, is music that allows the listener to feel the Being itself. My experience with jazz began when I entered college. It was [...]